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M3 Business Solutions brings you expertise in the areas of accounting, taxes, forensic investigation, data recovery, business & personal income tax, marketing, & advertising.

Fraud Investigation:

We specialize in forensic accounting by utilizing our unique fraud analytics and targeted auditing approaches to gather fraud evidence.

Fraud Prevention:

We work directly with your business to establish adequate internal controls to deter and prevent future fraud from damaging your business.


Let fortune 500 and Big 4 accounting experience manage your accounting processes while you focus on growing your business.

Governmental Accounting:

Our team has governmental auditing/accounting experience. As cities and governmental entities face lower budgets and increasing cost, it may be time to outsource your finance/accounting functions.

Business & Personal Income Tax:

Data Analytics & Sales Reporting Development:

Business & IT Process Documentation:

Effective tax planning is a critical component to running a succesful business.  Let the experts monitor and decipher the extensive and ever changing tax code.


Businesses collect, and pay to store, vast amounts of data. Unlocking what your data has to offer can vastly increase the performance of your organization.


Do not let your business get behind when you experience turnover or change. Let us handle the tedious task of updating your process documentation.

Marketing & Advertising:

Email marketing, social media campaigns, website design


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