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Set Up ACH Payments in Zoho Books

Are you wanting to make payments to vendors for bills directly from Zoho Books? After a few quick and easy steps, you can be making payments to vendors directly from your bank account within Zoho Books. The only two requirements are that you must be a US based merchant and you need a payment gateway that supports ACH payments.

Here are the steps in order to setup Forte, a payment gateway that specializes in ACH payments:

Setting up a bank account for ACH Payments

Step 1:

Go to the Bills tab. Select the bill for which a payment needs to be recorded. Click on the Record Payment drop-down and select Pay via ACH.

Step 2:

You will be asked to enter the Bank Account Details. Enter your bank account details. Account number, Account type and Routing number are mandatory fields to configure the bank account.

Choose the Authorization type and click Proceed.


  • You can add the bank account details of a vendor from the Contacts section. Click on a vendor and, in the contact details page, select Add Bank Account from the More drop-down.

  • You can check the status of the payment in the Payments Made section under the bill. If the payment was unsuccessful, the payment will be deleted and the status of the bill will be changed to Open.

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